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Pregnancy is unique among all the experiences a woman goes through in her lifetime. During this special time in her life, a woman experiences intense physiological changes

and emotions.

Our Journey enables a safe space where you, a pregnant woman, can connect with your and your baby’s wisdom and emotions. You will be able to express and process fears, worries, wishes and many special moments of deep connection.


Take care of yourself dear pregnant Moms.

At this time even more.

I will be happy to give you a free virtual session. You will get tools that will help you be emotionally calm and mentally immune.

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My name is Hagit Golan.

I'm a Seattle based psychotherapist, passionate about empowering pregnant women to love being pregnant and bond with the baby that is developing inside them.

I have a master's degree in Psychology with a specialization in Child, Couple and Family Therapy. I am a certified Parent-Infant Psychotherapist, a certified Prenatal Bonding (BA) facilitator, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and a Listening Mothers facilitator.








I offer private hourlong sessions during pregnancy, and through birth and the first weeks after giving birth. Using a combination of tools and practices, you will deepen and nurture the connection you have with yourself and your baby. Learning to navigate stress, you will shift from feeling anxious, stressed and powerless to feeling healthy, worthy, and confident. You will create an intense bond with the baby developing inside you, and develop an awareness of its needs and experiences.

Your thoughts body and heart will be in harmony, relaxation and peace.


What is Prenatal Bonding?

The Prenatal Bonding method will give you tools during your pregnancy to bond and connect with your baby in a deep and meaningful way.


During pregnancy every thought a woman has, every move she makes, every feeling she feels, the air she breathes and the food she eats is all felt by the baby. 


Prenatal Bonding will help you discover how your thoughts, feelings, and movements affect your baby and practice communicating with them in a meaningful dialog that will yield insights and understanding. Mother and baby will become a good team and both experience easier and calmer pregnancy and labor.


Be Present

Be connected

Be in Love

What is Hypno


HypnoBirthing® is a method that guides and prepares a woman in giving birth in a confident and peaceful manner. It considers the psychological, as well as the physical, well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the newborn.


It is the fear of pain that often keeps the body tense and closed during birth.

Hypnobirthing teaches you how to release this fear so your body can open to an experience of gentle birthing.


HypnoBirthing® exercises build positive thoughts and relaxation techniques that release “feel good” and love hormones to the mother and to the baby that is developing inside her. That will lead to a calmer, more peaceful and wondrous pregnancy and labor.


The confidence, trust and life-affirming nature of your birth can be life-changing for you, for your baby and for your family


Be calm

Be comfortable

Be peaceful.

Through this remarkable journey, you and the baby developing inside you will create a tight emotional bond. Practicing Prenatal Bonding, HypnoBirthing and mindfulness you will develop a dialog that will yield insights and understandings, and will acquire tools to help you through pregnancy, birth and the adjustments that follow it. Your baby will be calm, confident and emotionally balanced, and will possess curiosity and readiness to discover himself and the world.

What mothers are saying

"My conversations with my little baby girl started at parentalbonding sessions. I see now how my journey with her before she came to this world made her transition and adjustment much smoother than with my older kids. She came ready, happy and immediately bonded with all of us! A wonderful gift to mommy, baby and the whole family." 


M. T Sbero






and joy  

Prenatalbonding was a key factor in creating a healthy bond between myself and my son during and after our pregnancy. It helped to create an introspective, calm stress free environment during the all-important months before birth. Every woman is unique, and carries her own emotional history into her pregnancy, so each journey is different; that said, I feel that without prenatalbonding, my son’s first experiences would have been more challenging, more stressful and therefore potentially detrimental to his development. Having just directed IN UTERO, a documentary about the longterm impact of our pre-birth experiences, I have learned that our first environment is in some ways the most influential. Therefore, I hope that more and more women will have access to prenatalbonding and other therapies that promote deeper attunement with their babies from the very beginning."


 K Gyllenhaal



"Prenatalbonding during pregnancy was a very deep and meaningful experience for me and for my baby. It gave me a feeling of both physical and emotional purification, and without a doubt contributed to both of us.
My child is a very special child; he is happy, open and wise. " 


R. Barletz

By doing PrenatalBonding I bonded with my baby in a very unique way. It feels like she loves the world and the world loves her." 
O. Gal

"I was very fortunate to work with Hagit during my pregnancy. She not only helped me bond with my developing baby, but she also helped me mentally prepare for childbirth and beyond. My baby was born calm and alert, and I'm certain that his happy disposition is in large part the result of my work with Hagit. She truly cares about her clients, and I am extremely grateful to have had her presence and support throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend her!"


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Hagit Golan MA CCFT

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Infant-Parent Psychotherapy

Prenatal Bonding [BA]


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